Update – March 24

and in the middle of negotiations…

The Beatles

It has been some months since the Lost Bass was returned to Paul McCartney last September, and you are perhaps wondering why no further news or updates have been made by anybody.

Various things had to be done, for example, a full appraisal of the bass, authentication to ensure it wasn’t a fake and a full report written. A photoshoot of the bass also took place so that high-quality images can be shown later. Additionally, protracted negotiations took place (not involving the Lost Bass Project), during which an embargo on all news and updates was made.

We haven’t been idle here at The Lost Bass Project during this time as we wanted to know more about the bass. We knew it was stolen from a 3-ton lorry during the night of 10/11th October 1972. Then it was sold, within days, to the landlord of a pub in Ladbroke Grove, London. We also know that the pub landlord gave the bass to his son. Sadly, the son was killed in a car accident in 1975. The next thing we knew was the bass appeared in the seaside town of Hastings in England in 2023.

So, what happened to the bass between 1975 and 2023? Where was it? Who had it?

We felt it was essential to do the research to answer these questions and ultimately bring the world the most complete story possible about the Lost Bass. This is what we have done: researching archives, dates, and places, talking to people, and amassing a whole new body of information that was unknown before. We now have a clear picture of where the bass went, who had it and when.

Our job now is to put this all into a solid and forensic timeline, the complete story of the Lost Bass. We want this to be as comprehensive as possible so that current and future generations will know all about the journey this iconic bass guitar took. Bear with us whilst we put the story into order for you all to enjoy. There are plans for a documentary, perhaps a book and more.

Timeline image