Atlanta 1965

“What are you gonna do?” – John Lennon

The Broken String Incident

August 18th 1965, and The Beatles play a concert at the Fulton Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. 34,000 fans are there to watch the boys perform their magic.

For the second to last song of the concert they play I Wanna Be Your Man with Ringo taking on the vocals. Almost at the end of the song Paul breaks a string on his bass. He’s playing the 1963 bass, not The Lost Bass.

Now comes the interesting part, at least for us. John goes to the microphone and says that Paul is going to change his bass. Change it to what exactly? Presumably the Lost Bass as we know they took it with them as the backup for this tour. You can listen to John here…

We cannot find any photographs of this or of Paul playing The Lost Bass for the final song. There was a big audience there that day. Did you, your parents, or a friend capture any of this? Someone must have done. We would certainly like to hear from them. It was such an unusual thing to happen – the bass player breaking a string.

If you can help please email us and let us know. We would love you forever.