About Us

The search for the Lost Bass was begun in 2018 following a meeting between Nick Wass and Paul McCartney.

In May 2023, Nick Wass was joined by Scott and Naomi Jones and Cathy Harrison. It was then that The Lost Bass Project was formally founded, and things really took off.

Scott Jones

Scott Jones is a renowned international journalist and documentary maker with roots at The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, the BBC and much more.

Naomi Jones

Naomi Jones is a world class professional researcher with experience at the BBC, Channel 4 and numerous other media organisations.

Nick Wass

Nick Wass, now retired, was for many years the marketing and electric guitar manager at Höfner GmbH, He is an expert on the Höfner 500/1 bass and The Lost Bass.

Cathy Harrison

Cathy Harrison is an expert on social media and manages all of this for The Lost Bass Project.

We entirely pay for the Lost Bass Project; we have not used funding from other sources, such as crowdfunding or sponsorship. We have received no gifts or financial remuneration. We are 100% independent.