News December 23

Before anything else, we wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a fantastic New Year.

We have had a fantastic journey this year searching for the Lost Bass. So many of you have offered us information, which we have checked out to see where it might lead. It is only with everyone taking an interest that we can move this search forward. Indeed two messages stood out, because they shared very similar information for the first time, but from totally separate sources. This was the breakthrough we wanted and had been looking for.

By cross-checking the information in these two messages, we have been able to ascertain exactly how and when the bass was stolen and what happened to it next. Through research, we have established where the bass was taken shortly after it was stolen and who had it. From that point, we have been able to trace the movement of the bass forward in time over the years. A significant breakthrough for us. No more speculation, no more rumours and no more nonsense. We are going to have this bass back for you very soon!

Please Help!

However, now is your turn to perhaps help us with something. This is probably a long shot, but we are searching for a cutting from a newspaper in 1972! We understand that the theft of the bass, from a van on the night of 10th October 1972, was reported on the front page of the London Evening Standard newspaper, but only on the lunchtime edition, on 11th October 1972. (The evening edition had a different headline and front page).

Did you keep a Beatles or, Wings or McCartney scrapbook back then? Did you keep press cuttings? Did one of your friends? Is it just possible one of you has a copy of that front page from the London Evening Standard? We would love to see it! If you or someone you know has this please do contact us.

In our last News, in November, we asked you what you would like Paul to do with the bass when he gets it back. Many of you replied saying you hope he will play it again. We would like that too! So we are going to send him a message with your wishes and hope we see it playing again in 2024!

Happy Christmas everyone.