Do you want to know a secret
Do you promise not to tell, whoa oh, oh”

Do You Want To Know A Secret, The Beatles


The Lost Bass 10-point checklist

If you have any credible information or insights about the Lost Bass, from 1969 through to today, please get in touch. The project wants to hear from people, from anywhere in the world, who can help us trace the bass.

It could be something you have seen. Or a story that you know rings true. Or a photograph. Or a message or a reference online. Or a Höfner bass that was offered to you for sale. With your information and insights, we can solve the greatest mystery in the history of rock and roll.

To help you share your information with the team, please use this check list;

  • Are you familiar with what the missing bass looks like? Check the images on the project website.
  • Why are you convinced this information is credible? Set out why you think your information is credible.
  • Have you ever seen the missing bass? Set out where and when, with as much detail as possible.
  • Have you ever heard anything about the missing bass? Write down what you’ve heard and when.
  • Do you know where the missing bass is now? Share the location of the bass.
  • Do you have evidence? Send letters, emails, texts, photographs, video and links to information online.
  • Do you have useful contacts? Put the project team in touch with any contacts you think could help.
  • Do you want to help us find the missing bass? Set out how you can help the project team.
  • Public or private? We can treat your information confidentially, or tell your story as part of the project.
  • How can the project team contact you? Send us your landline, mobile and email.

This project is a search, not an investigation. All information will be treated confidentially. The only purpose is to reunite Paul with his original Höfner bass.

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